Our Mission

exceed expectations

Our mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing construction services that are unparalleled in the industry with regard to safety, integrity, quality, and schedule.


What We Do

provide superior service

A commercial and industrial construction firm committed to providing personal superior service, regardless of the type and location of the project.

Our Legacy

better business model

Our business model is based on the culture that is entrenched in the company since its inception; which is:

  1. Keep our commitments – at all cost
  2. Provide the best service
  3. Provide the best quality
  4. Provide the best schedule (without compromising quality or safety)
  5. Provide the best value for the client

This business model has helped us build over 170 million square feet of buildings in several countries around the world.

38 Years Of Experience
95M Square Feet Built for Costco
#1 Steel Builder Ranking For 25+ Years
170M Square feet Built to Date
75% Projects Are From Repeat Clients

What We Do

our services

At SPAN, service that goes above and beyond the ordinary is our way of doing business. We bring unprecedented experience and expertise to every project, giving clients confidence and peace of mind.

pre-construction planning

Getting started can be overwhelming. SPAN is here to assist our clients with the review and coordination of the front end planning.

Design-Build General Construction

Using Design-Build format, Owners can move in sooner and know their construction costs early on.

Program Management

Work alongside the SPAN team to establish, build, and improve your projects.

warranty & Support

SPAN offers comprehensive warranty coverage in addition to employing a fully staffed warranty support team. We are dedicated to helping clients well past project completion.

Service Department

SPAN services are both flexible and scalable. SPAN’s Service Department can readily address your building and maintenance needs.

38+ Years of Experience

SPAN has a solid 38-year track record of being competitive and in meeting its commitments to clients – to create the best value.

We Build Relationships

our clients & partners

A majority of our projects come from existing clients who understand that when they partner with SPAN they will save time and money while acquiring maximum quality and service from single trusted source. We don’t just build buildings – we build relationships that last a lifetime.

What Clients Say



SPAN is the only builder that has constructed over 95 million square feet of projects for Costco Wholesale.

Tom Walker – Executive VP of Construction; Costco Wholesale

SPAN always has its clients’ best interest in mind. We have never been disappointed.

Dave Berry – Owner; Berry Construction



SPAN’s contribution has positively impacted our construction process.

Marvin L. “Buzz” Oates – Founder; Buzz Oates

King Husein and the team at SPAN made the impossible happen and built a hallmark.

Sean Mahoney – CEO; Deerpoint Group

SPAN’s expertise has given our firm a competitive advantage over other firms.

Jerry Lee –
Chief Executive Officer; MG2

SPAN has been a dream come true in today’s construction market. Their attention to detail, support in the office and field, along with an overall professionalism has allowed our team to meet all expectations – which we feel is most important. We look forward to working with SPAN again soon.

Jeff Lawson
Powell Construction

On The Map

where we’ve built

SPAN has grown to be a world class competitor, helping put Central California on the map. We have built over 170 million square feet to date worldwide – visit out About Us page to see our projects around the world.